Jem Scanlan

Jem Scanlan

Jem is co-founder of InterConnect working with his wife Hertha and a network of colleagues and co-Director of Learning Consortium.

Jem helps people to develop their full potential and focus on what they are good at for the benefit of themselves and their environment. He spent his initial 30 years in business with international High-Tech companies in the UK, Germany and France . Most recently from 1995 until early 2000, he was Human Resources and Training and Development (T&D) Director for VLSI, taken over by Philips Semiconductors, now NXP Semiconductors, in Sophia-Antipolis. His own business experience fosters a very practical approach to solving business problems.

Jem has developed and delivered many different training programs including Influencing Skills, Life Design and Career Development, Leadership, Change Management and Project Management in English, French and German in various countries worldwide.

He has facilitated many Leadership and Change Management workshops for Senior Executives and their teams. These entail participative processes, use for example Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) and FIRO-B, and are followed up with individual coaching with specific members of the management teams. He has run several workshops focusing on the Multicultural and ‘otherness’ aspects which are key when several companies integrate into one organization.

Jem believes in continuous learning and sharing knowledge, which he does. He is an avid rugby fan, tennis player, reader, and lover of music of almost all kinds, enjoys travelling and working worldwide, and has been known to wear a kilt (once) to celebrate his friend’s birthday, and is definitely a family man.

Telephone: +33 493129662

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