Our Stories

Our stories are case studies of our current and recent projects, and observations and learnings from these projects.

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Learning Consortium in Shanghai

Focus on Influence has made its debut in China with an all-Chinese group of participants. 
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Learning Consortium in India

The Focus on Influence programme is now being conducted in Bangalore, India for NXP Semiconductors India Limited. 
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Leaders make Good Facilitators

Our experience with a Focus on Influence programme for ‘high potentials’ is that past participants, with no Human Resource Management experience, make good facilitators.
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A Focus on Influence success story…

A former participant on Focus on Influence sent us this success story in applying the model and values of the programme in a competitive business game.
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Coaching by telephone…

Learning Consortium consultants are engaged in a major global leadership development programme which involves three two-hour coaching sessions delivered by telephone to prepare for workshop events and to enable them to transfer their learning into the workplace. Read our thoughts and tips for coaching remotely.
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Creating Learning in Partnership

A 5-day version of Focus on Influence formed the core of the first half of a leadership development programme for “high potentials” working for a major Netherlands-based multi-national semiconductor firm.
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